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Anthony Nguyen

08 Aug 2020

5 minutes read

Innovation and Clean Water: Ways To Solve the Water Crisis

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Innovation and Clean Water: Ways To Solve the Water Crisis


Water is an essential component of nature, and one of the sustaining elements of human life. In fact, 71% of the earth is made up of water, almost 95% of which is held by the various oceans in the world. With so much water in our world, it is appalling how clean water and access to drinking water are still problems in the 21st Century.


The lack of clean water is a topic that is raised in every global forum, which is why a new branch of innovative technology, commonly known as water tech, has been formed. This industry is responsible for using science and the latest technologies to find sustainable solutions for clean water, especially for rural areas that face issues like impoverishment and malnutrition.


Here are some innovative solutions that are geared towards solving the clean water crisis:

Solar Technology

The use of solar energy has been quite talked about, especially for providing renewable energy and electricity. This energy can also be harnessed to provide clean drinking water, as can be seen on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu.


This small rural town, with the help of Zero Mass Water, helped build a solar-powered drinking water technology that uses rain, sunlight, and air to provide clean drinking water, which can be used by anyone who lives nearby. The system is powered by 20 solar panels and can be easily installed at any location which receives enough rainfall and direct sunlight.

Graphene Filter

Sadly, 90% of the water that surrounds the earth is not safe or suitable for drinking, which is the main reason why more than four billion people suffer from water scarcity. Thankfully, water can now be purified more quickly and efficiently, thanks to the Graphene Filter which has been designed by Japanese and American scientists.


They created a Graphene-based coating for the filter membrane, which ensures a filter that can be used for desalination, wastewater treatment, and also for various applications in the food industry.


The Internet of Things

IoT has really reshaped many businesses and applications, and it can also be used for the purpose of providing clean water. The IoT application is based around conserving water and monitoring its usage through various sensors, so farmers and other people can find out how much water they have consumed and slowly start using less water.


Multiple companies are working on using the Internet of Things for conserving or purifying water for usage. In the long run, this method can help save millions of gallons of water.



Various scientists of the world have begun designing and trying out specialized robots and devices that are capable of cleaning up waste from seawater, in an attempt to reduce pollution and also make seawater suitable for domestic and agricultural use. Countries like Canada, Japan, Switzerland, and Israel have successfully tested out their models and are actually playing their part in ensuring that clean water is more accessible to the common man.


It is a fact that the clean water problem is one of the biggest and most pressing issues of this century, and it must be tackled using science and technology. All over the world, scientists are working hard towards finding sustainable and efficient solutions. We can only hope that one day, the whole world has clean water to drink and use.


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