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DD Business Analyst, LLC specializes in providing financial consultation and technological solutions to innovate various organizations, especially Catholic Churches, Catholic schools, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

We offer four main services: bookkeeping, grant writing & business plan, website development, and mobile application develop.

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At DD, we cultivate a culture of humility, where managers respect each team member and value their opinion and input. Humility makes room for growth and self-improvement, which is the catalyst for perfect teamwork, where the humility trickles down from the leaders to the team.

We uphold integrity as the pillar of all our core values, as it helps us stay honest and upright, even when things get quite tough. We encourage transparency and self-responsibility in all our employees, from the top to the bottom.

Along with other values, we also expect each of our staff members to be responsible and hold themselves accountable for all correspondence with the clients, even if no one is calling them out. Our employees’ first priority is completing every task assigned to them diligently.
It is highly important to know how each person in our company can help or provide their input regarding matters with the client, which helps us to source a resourceful workforce which is well-equipped in handling all kinds of matters.

As a company, we are dedicated to keep pursuing excellence, rather than getting caught up in momentary success. We continuously strive and devise new ideas and methods to make life better for our clients.

We greatly value the responsibility placed on us by our clients and work hard to ensure that we are vigilant in conducting matters and providing quality services to the organizations which place their trust in us.

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